We Want Your Feedback: Sincerely, Access UCC

If you are not aware of the web-accessible resource known as Access UCC by now, you should be!

Access UCC is the online digital version of the UCC Yearbook & Directory and more. With a one year subscription for only $19.99, you’ll have the ability to search for information on UCC churches, conferences, and ministers. In addition to search capabilities, you’ll receive a PDF version of the most recent Yearbook & Directory a month before the hard copies are published. While the PDF version is a snapshot in time forever immortalized in print, the searchable content is instantly updated by conference/association editors as the change occurs. This makes an Access UCC  subscription a great deal for those who need to verify church or ministerial information, view giving and membership trends, and/or provide church history information to new incoming authorized minister(s).

Now that Access UCC is five years old, it’s time we reviewed the effectiveness of this resource and hear back from users, former and current, to learn what works and what areas can be improved. Click here to participate in our survey. It should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Your responses are anonymous and will greatly benefit the church as we assess the subscriber experience. Thank you!

taylorTaylor B. Russell is the Research Specialist for the UCC Center for Analytics, Research and Data. She has served in the national setting of the denomination for 17 years and recently graduated with a Master of Arts in Global Interactions at Cleveland State University

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