The purpose of the blog is to build community through sharing research and/or data-based content for the wider church and beyond. To share resources and show how research can be used in ministry, promote the work of various settings/voices of the denomination, and reach a wider audience through building trust and credibility that can lead to awareness, enlighten, and evoke conversation.

The United Church of Christ’s Center for Analytics, Research & Development, and Data (CARDD) is a church-wide resource whose mission is to gather, provide, and interpret information and trends for the purpose of illuminating the past, realizing the present, and envisioning the future of the United Church of Christ in the larger context. 

Our Vision

Through data and research, tempower and champion innovation and change for a just world for all. 

What We Do

Definitions from Merriam-Webster:

Analytics: The method of logical analysis
Research and Development: Studies and tests that are done in order to design new or improved products
Data: Factual information used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation 

A card is an item that usually offers the user certain types of information. For example, a playing card possesses a combination of numbers and colors that signifies its role in relation to other cards and the larger game. An index card provides notes for a speech or a recipe to make a hearty meal. The Center for Analytics, Research & Development, and Data functions in much the same way—our role is to serve as the UCC’s “card” that provides both raw data and applied information to individuals, congregations, and judicatory bodies for a larger purpose. 

More practically, we engage in the following: 

– Consult with settings of the UCC to determine data and assessment needs and work toward helpful research goals 

– Conduct studies and test cases to find what (resources, curriculums, programs, etc.) works best and in which settings
– Develop the Annual Yearbook and online directory resource Access UCC
– Conduct research and produce reports on various issues, trends, and topics of importance for the UCC
– Work collaboratively across all settings of the UCC to analyze trends and produce relevant up-to-date information for vital ministry 

For any questions email VitalSigns@ucc.org

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Logic and analytics are not faith. Even a currently empty building during the pandemic can serve as assurance and a reminder and not to give up hope. The Church is not a building, we all know that, but even as we stay home during the pandemic, or wander about looking for normality, seeing the Church building can offer comfort. This too shall pass. God is still speaking. God bless everyone and stay safe.


  2. Friends, I think the article “Where have all the pastors gone?” touches on a number of key points. Thanks for sharing this post. The problem as noted is not there are not enough ministers (ordained or lic. or commissioned) but that a growing number of congregations cannot afford to support a full-time pastor. Related, seminaries are facing an increasingly difficult financial future. My hope is that rather than retrench or merge the UCC would use its resources to invest in a new economy along the lines of an economic democracy, and a more equitable compensation plan for those serving congregations. Is there any conversation about this anywhere in the UCC? Rev. Dr. David Hansen, Ph.D.


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