Return of the Data Crunchers: The Importance of Annual Yearbook Reporting Redux


The UCC annual data collection process is in full swing! Thank you to congregations, Associations, and Conferences for your concerted efforts to make this possible – we simply can’t do it without you. In this spirit, I thought it would be fun to revisit Eleven Reasons Why Reporting Your Church’s Annual Data Is Important to the whole life of the church.

I believe that our future selves will thank us for the foresight of archiving information each year, allowing us to reveal trends and patterns we might not see otherwise. Head over to the CARD Statistics and Reports webpage to view the many resources that can be produced with your consistent data contributions.

There are many other reasons to keep and submit annual data in addition to what we’ve named. What reasons can you come up with based on your context?

taylorTaylor Billings is the Research Specialist for the UCC Center for Analytics, Research and Data. She has served in the national setting of the denomination for 15 years and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Global Interactions at Cleveland State University.

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