NEW REPORT: UCC Multiply-Affiliated Congregations



CARD’s second original research report is now available for download! Multiply-Affiliated Congregations in the United Church of Christ, by Research Specialist Taylor Billings, provides a comprehensive look at congregations that are affiliated with one or more denominational traditions in addition to the UCC. Since nearly one in ten congregations in the UCC identify as multiply-affiliated, this is a report that has been highly anticipated by the wider church. Last year, we also shared some of the preliminary results of this work on our blog (here, here, and here). Please share this report widely – it possesses the potential to inform ecumenism both within and among all congregations in the future.


2 thoughts on “NEW REPORT: UCC Multiply-Affiliated Congregations

  1. Thanks, Taylor, for this excellent report. As one who has worked with multiply-affiliated congregations for almost twenty-five years, I appreciate having a much clearer picture of the variety and extent of this ecclesial phenomenon, as well as some clues about how multiple affiliations affects congregational life. Since it seems likely that an increasing number of students in seminary will ultimately serve these congregations, I look forward to making use of the report in my classes. I also look forward to future work on the increasingly fluid and porous boundaries that come with the establishment of relationships with new immigrant congregations and with the growing number of fellowships that tend to function like denominations.

    John Thomas
    Chicago Theological Seminary


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