Call for Blog Contributors

CARD is accepting applications for regular contributors to this blog! As you may know already, the main purpose of Vital Signs & Statistics is to investigate and raise questions of importance for the United Church of Christ through relevant research and statistics.

Research is broadly defined as tested qualitative and/or quantitative information that possesses relevance to the theology and practice of ministry, particularly as it relates to congregations, members, and ministers. Commentary on and summary of such research for application to ministry, whether it is one’s own research or the research of others, is strongly encouraged. Commentary on applying evaluation and assessment methods for effective ministry is also welcomed.

Do you possess:

  • An ability to write for a theologically diverse UCC audience?
  • A passion for research and statistics and, specifically, how research and statistics can be useful in the context of ministry and the church?
  • An ability to interpret information in understandable, engaging ways?
  • A commitment to using gender inclusive or gender non-specific language when referring to God?
  • Preferred: Are you an authorized minister in the United Church of Christ or an active member of a UCC congregation?
  • Preferred: Do you have a background in sociology, social psychology, economics, history, or other research-related fields?

We ask that regular contributors submit one post per month, with posting dates scheduled in advance with CARD’s Director. Titles for upcoming posts must be submitted by or on the Wednesday prior to actual posting. Posting can then take place any time before the Tuesday of the following week. Posts are promoted and linked weekly in the UCC’s e-newsletter, Keeping You Posted (KYP), which reaches over 60,000 people per week.

Please send an email to Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi at with your name, current setting and role, a description of how your experiences match the qualifications listed above, and possible topics that you would like to write about. Examples of previous writings are encouraged.

Application deadline is April 30, 2015.


2 thoughts on “Call for Blog Contributors

    • Great question! You won’t notice much of a difference in the email postings you currently receive, except that there will be a greater diversity of voices providing content and commentary. In the past, when we’ve had guest contributors post an entry, they have been well received and have been some of our most popular articles to date. We want to bring more of this to our readers!


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