Eleven Reasons Why Reporting Your Church’s Annual Data Is Important

  1. Annual reporting allows you to update your church’s contact information so that the UCC Yearbook & Directory, Access UCC, and Find A Church on ucc.org are accurate.
  2. The data you provide contributes to the reporting of denominational trends in the annual UCC Statistical Profile, which tracks overall membership, ministerial compensation, and church finances over time.
  3. It helps your conference and association to better understand your congregation from a statistical perspective, in order to provide appropriate support and resources. (For example, did you know that your conference can now assist your long-term planning by printing an eleven-year membership and financial report for your church using the Data Hub?)
  4. The numbers you report help to determine how many delegates your conference can designate for General Synod, which is one of the essential ways your voice is heard on important issues.
  5. The ministerial compensation data you provide assists other local churches and committees on ministry with benchmarking to determine appropriate church staffing configurations and compensation guidelines. (Individual data is not published but is used to accumulate the final statistics for the benchmarks.)worshipnumbers
  6. Reporting your church’s OCWM and special offerings giving allows conferences and the national setting to recognize and thank you for your support of the wider church and to encourage future support.
  7. This information allows the UCC Center for Analytics, Research and Data to conduct advanced statistical analyses that contribute to important research for all mainline denominations, like some of the research reported on our blog.
  8. Depending on your context, the data may also help to determine the amount of dues, or apportionments, that your church gives to your association or conference.
  9. For new and renewing churches that receive funding from the national setting, annual reporting helps to ensure continued financial support, as it is a requirement for churches that receive these grants.
  10. For churches seeking loans through the Church Building & Loan Fund or Cornerstone Fund, annual statistics are viewed by these entities for verification and clarification of information provided in the loan application.
  11. You’re creating a historical statistical record for your congregation that will long outlive current generations and that historians will be able to learn from in the future.

2 thoughts on “Eleven Reasons Why Reporting Your Church’s Annual Data Is Important

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