Dechurched: The Rise of the “Dones”


The Rise of the Dones

Ashleigh Hope, CARD’s Research Intern for the past year, has been involved in a very interesting and important research project on “dechurched” individuals–people who have left the church and don’t plan on returning. A couple of weeks ago, the project garnered a great deal of attention when Holy Soup wrote a blog post highlighting the research. The article is entitled “The Rise of the Dones” to mirror what many scholars have been writing about over the past several years on “The Rise of the Nones” (those who do not affiliate with an organized religion). The book detailing the results of the study will be released some time in 2016.

This is definitely a phenomenon that we as the “churched” should to pay attention to–I will be reading the book when it is released.


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