UCC Data Hub Launches in July

We in CARD have been quite busy over the last several months working to build increased functionality within our denominational database, the UCC Data Hub. As part of this upgrade, we are also working to create a culture shift around the ways that information is updated and shared across the life of the church. As you can imagine, this is no small task. We have been communicating with Conferences and Associations since last fall about this major shift; and on Tuesday, July 15, we will conduct a Kick-Off Webinar and Training for this new-and-improved Data Hub.

Below is an FAQ snippet of a more comprehensive Data Hub Information Guide we created this spring regarding the upgrade and shift in information reporting. Many months of hard work have been put into this project, and we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, our work is never done; and there are probably other (smaller) system changes to come. However, this build will go a long way in moving the Data Hub from a unilateral reporting system to a multilateral information sharing / information generating system.

General Data Hub FAQs:

What is the UCC Data Hub?
The UCC Data Hub is the denominational web-based database that contains all records for UCC congregations and authorized ministers. Currently, the login page for the Data Hub can be found at http://yb.ucc.org. National staff, Conferences, Associations, Affiliated and Associated Ministries, and local churches (on a limited basis) have access to the Data Hub.

How is the Data Hub currently used?
The database is currently managed by the Center for Analytics, Research and Data (CARD) and is used by Conferences, Associations, and local churches to report directory and statistical information for the printed Yearbook, Access UCC, and “Find a Church” on ucc.org. Conferences and Associations have limited editing privileges for records in their respective regions; and a hybrid method of reporting (paper forms and online data entry) is currently utilized.

What is the future vision for the Data Hub?
The future vision for the Data Hub is to give Conferences and Associations direct access to manage and store information, as well as build and export reports in Excel and PDF format, for all church and ministerial data within their respective areas. In essence, Conferences and Associations will have complete oversight and accountability for of their records and information, as well as the ability to view and print reports at any time.

Other increased enhancements would include the capacity to “transfer” a minister’s data record from one Association / Conference to another and to upload annual offerings information for a Conference’s congregations for Yearbook reporting purposes. CARD would monitor activity and provide support and training to Conferences and Associations for the Data Hub, but would not directly input or edit data in the system.

This would ultimately accomplish the following:
• Create one shared database across the life of the denomination
• Reduce reporting errors by eliminating steps in the data collection process
• Save money, time, and staffing resources for Conferences and Associations by eliminating duplicate databases maintained in these settings (particularly for small- to mid-sized Conferences and Associations)
• Increase shared buy-in for accurate reporting and maintenance of information for annual statistical reporting and real-time utilization

To learn more about the UCC Data Hub, please check this page regularly for updated information and training materials.



One thought on “UCC Data Hub Launches in July

  1. Kristina, This is a awesome resource for your denomination. We have nothing like it in the Episcopal Church, and how useful it would be for all the reasons you cite. Congratulations and best wishes! Gail


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