Pew Research Center’s “The Next America”

In April, the Pew Research Center announced the publication of a new book entitled The Next America, which summarizes surveys and statistical analyses that have been conducted over the past several years on various demographic trends in the U.S.

As part of this book release, Pew has also created a website with interactive data on the major trends we are (and will be) experiencing in this country. This is a fascinating visual presentation of the ways in which age, race, technology, socio-economics, and religion have shifted in the past several years and how they will continue to shift in the future.

As a researcher, a data display of this quality makes me absolutely giddy. As a minister, the information that the data display contains is rich fodder for sermons, small group studies, newsletter reflections, and leadership visioning processes. And inevitably, information like this prompts the question: How is the church responding / how will the church respond to the needs, issues, and changing demographics of “the next America?”

What do you think? Share your thoughts, comments, and ideas below!



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